Is Your Child Brushing Their Teeth The Wrong Way?

It's a constant struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth. You've finally been able to motivate your kids to brush, but how do you know that they're actually doing it properly? Here are a few tips to make sure your children are brushing their teeth properly.

Show Them the Routine

You would be surprised that not everybody, even adults, knows how to properly brush their teeth.  The proper method for brushing your teeth is twice daily for two minutes. You should massage your teeth with your brush in circular or up and down motions. Don't forget your gum line and tongue!

If it's not sticking, ask your pediatric dentist. They might have a song or dance to help your kids remember.

Be an Example

"Monkey see, monkey do" is a truth a lot of parents don't want to admit to. If you want your kids to have proper hygiene, you better be sure they see you brushing your teeth all the time too.

Show Them Plaque

When you explain to kids what plaque is, it can be hard for them to understand because they can't really see it, so show it to them! You can buy plaque-disclosing tablets at the grocery store. Have your child chew them up and spit them out. When they look in the mirror afterwards, the plaque on their teeth will have changed into the color of the tablets. This gives your kids a great visual for where they should brush and makes plaque more understandable. Have them chew up tablets before brushing until they get into the habit of getting their teeth squeaky clean. During comprehensive dental exams, your child's dentist can also help spot places that are being missed during brushing.

Set a Timer

Kids naturally have short attention spans, so when they go to brush their teeth, they might get bored and give up within 30 seconds. This simply isn't effective to get them clean. Set a timer for 2 minutes to make sure your child has to brush their teeth for long enough.

Get Graphic

Some kids just don't understand why they need to brush their teeth. Luckily, most kids respond well to being grossed out. Really take the time to explain to your kids all the bacteria that could be lurking in their mouth, and what kinds of things happen if you don't brush. Even show them pictures if you have to.

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