Learn About A Tooth Extraction So You Know What You Can Expect

If you have been informed by your dentist that one of your teeth needs to be extracted then you should familiarize yourself with the procedure. You want to know what you are walking into and what you can expect during the recovery. This article will help provide you with information on a tooth extraction so you can feel better as you go in for your appointment.

Why would you need a tooth extraction in the first place?

The best solution in most situations is to save an injured tooth. However, there are many times when this isn't an option or there are other issues, such as the tooth having grown in wrong. In order for a tooth to be savable it needs to still have a healthy root, and there needs to be enough of the tooth left for the dentist to do something with, such as put a crown on it. When saving the tooth won't work, it needs to be extracted to prevent problems such as decay, gum issues, infection or other issues.

What happens during a tooth extraction?

When you go in to have your tooth extracted, the dentist will make sure the area is numb. Depending on their preference, and possibly your nerves, they may choose to give you a stronger anesthetic that will cause you to sleep during the procedure.

The dentist will use special tooth extraction tools to grip your tooth and rock it back and forth in the gum. This will loosen up the root so it comes out easier. The dentist will then attempt to pull the tooth out in a single piece. This doesn't always happen, and sometimes they will need to remove the tooth in pieces.

Once the tooth and root have been completely removed, the dentist will pack the empty socket with gauze to help control the bleeding.

What is the recovery like?

Due to the anesthesia, you should feel comfortable for a while after the procedure. As the anesthesia wears off, you will start to experience pain. At this point, you want to begin taking the pain medication prescribed by the dentist. From this point on, take the pain medicine as prescribed and don't wait longer until the pain sets in.

Once you heal from the tooth extraction, you can move on to having your tooth replaced. The tooth extraction is your first step in achieving the smile you want. Contact a dental professional like Stephen J Vanyo DMD PA to learn more