How To Make Your Post-Dentist Visit Way More Comfortable

Going to the dentist is essential for maintain healthy teeth and avoiding problems down the line, but it can be a bit uncomfortable for some people after the visit. Obviously, going I the first place is non-optional, but the pain is more optional than you might think. Here are a few ways to cut down.

Take Advil Right When You Finish in the Office

If you go in the dentist's office for nearly any procedure including cavities, for example, you'll usually get an anesthetic to help minimize the pain of the procedure. This is usually highly effective, and you won't feel much during the procedure in most cases. The problem will come afterwards when you can feel everything that happened during the procedure again.

Additionally, If you take something for the pain only when it's happening, there will be a gap in the middle where you have to put up with it. But if you anticipate this beforehand and take the pill right after the procedure is done, then the Advil will kick in before the anesthetic wears off most of the time and you'll be completely covered.

Use Lasers

Another thing that you can do is look for a dentist that uses lasers to handle procedures instead of other tools. If your someone for whom anesthesia doesn't tend to work as well, then dental lasers actually have the ability to allow the dentist to do some procedures without any anesthesia at all. For example, they can be used to clear out decayed areas during cavities.

That way, you can get a filling put in without even needing a drill at all. It's often the drill that you can feel on your gums later on after the anesthesia wears off. Without any drill, you won't feel any pressure or bruises that could happen later.

It's not just cavities, however. Lasers can also be used for cleaning any many other procedures in order to target whatever needs to be targeted without affecting the surrounding tissue in your mouth. Laser can vaporize stains, tartar in your mouth, and other potential problems, hitting only the issues and leaving your body alone.

Overall, it will take a bit of forethought in order to minimize discomfort after a vital procedure, but it will definitely be worth it when you have virtually no recovery time at all. Lasers have been especially useful in minimizing this recovery time. For more information, talk to a professional like Kuban David S DDS.