4 Things To Know Before Getting Invisalign

If you want to have the best smile possible, you may want to consider getting Invisalign. This is a cosmetic dental process that works to straighten your teeth. Millions of people wish to make some dental changes for an improved smile, and this procedure can provide dramatic results. However, there are certain things you should be aware of before having this process initiated and knowing what these are can be helpful to you.

The costs 

Of course, one of the first things that will come to mind is the price of Invisalign. This is not an inexpensive dental procedure, and it's likely that your insurance may not cover it.

Studies show the price for the entire Invisalign process is $3,300-$6,200. However, your individual situation will play a large role in how much you're required to pay for Invisalign and your location, as well.

The requirements

You should be aware that using Invisalign will need a certain amount of commitment on your part. Listed below are some of the things you will need to do for optimal results:

1.  It's necessary to wear Invisalign for at least 22 hours per day. Most people only take these out when eating or brushing.

2.  You will need to visit your dentist every two weeks to change Invisalign. This is because of the continued movement of your jaw and teeth.

The care

Taking proper care of the aligners is critical to the result. You will need to soak the aligners in a combination of water and another cleaning agent that's recommended by your dentist.

You should also clean the aligners with mild antibacterial soap and water on a routine basis. Your dentist should give you a full set of care instructions before leaving the office.

The length of time

The amount of time you're required to wear Invisalign will be based on the condition of your teeth. If you have teeth that are extremely crowded, you may need to wear these longer than some others.

Your dentist will go over all the details of this process during your consultation. 

The benefits of having an improved smile are many. This may encourage you to be more outgoing and do more things that you used to do. Taking the time to use Invisalign may be something you should consider. Be sure to schedule an appointment with your dentist today to go over the details of this process for straighter teeth. To learn more, contact a dental clinic like Janzen Janzen & Chwa Orthodontics Ltd