3 Reasons To See Your Dentist For Periodontal Treatments

One of the most important services that a dentist can provide is periodontal treatments, mostly because of the many issues that those treatments can help you avoid. Periodontal disease is an advanced form of gum disease that occurs when your gum disease gets to the point where the area around your tooth is inflamed. Listed below are three reasons to see your dentist about periodontal treatments.

Prevent Future Health Complications

One of the most important reasons to have your periodontal disease treated as soon as possible is that the damage that it can cause is not going to be limited to your teeth and gums. In many cases, there is a chance that advanced gum disease and potential infections resulting from gum disease can actually affect other aspects of your health. For example, gum disease can contribute to the development of diabetes, heart conditions, and a variety of other serious health issues.

Prevent Tooth Loss

Another reason to take advantage of periodontal treatments is that they can help prevent tooth loss. When gum disease gets bad enough that inflammation begins, the gums will actually begin pulling away from your teeth. Once that occurs, even more of your teeth are exposed to bacteria that can keep causing your gums to pull away from your teeth until your teeth actually get loose. At this point, there is a very real risk that your teeth could potentially fall out or begin to decay rapidly without the protection that your gums typically provide.

However, a dentist can help you avoid this through the use of periodontal treatments that can scrape the bacteria off of the surface of your teeth. Once the bacteria is gone, the gums will actually have the opportunity to reattach themselves to your teeth over time and reverse the damage. This typically results in your teeth being held more firmly in place by your gums, which will help prevent the loss of those teeth.

Prevent Discomfort

Finally, you will want to see a dentist for periodontal treatments because periodontal disease can actually become quite painful if it is allowed to advance too much. Some of the most common sources of discomfort are red and irritated gums or teeth that are extra sensitive. The sensitive teeth can lead to pain while trying to chew or pain when exposing your teeth to hot or cold liquid. 

Make an appointment with your dentist today in order to discuss the many ways in which he or she can help you reverse and treat the damage caused by periodontal disease. A dentist can provide periodontal treatments that can prevent your gum disease from affecting other aspects of your health while also preventing you from losing your teeth. Contact a clinic like Cloverleaf Dental Center for more information.