Important Things To Know About A Child With Overbite

Do all of your children have top teeth that noticeably hang over the bottom ones? It is possible that your children have inherited a condition that is known as overbite. You might want to make a prompt appointment with a family dentist to find out which type of treatment is ideal for watch of your children. Below, you will discover a few of the important things that you should know about overbite.

Are Genetics the Only Cause of Overbite?

It is possible for overbite to develop when the upper and lower jawbones do not grow in alignment with one another. For example, the upper jaw will usually hang over the lower jaw. Sometimes the condition is too minor to even notice that overbite is present. Children can also develop overbite from being given a bottle beyond the common age in which it is needed. If your kids are in the habit of sucking their thumbs, this can also lead to them suffering from overbite.

Can Complications Develop without Treatment?

Complications can develop if you leave a child with overbite untreated. The age of each of your children will play a role in how severe the complications might become. For example, if any of your children are young enough in which the jawbones still has a while to finish developing, overbite can become very severe. Overbite is not likely to become any more severe than it already is in older children, such as teenagers. A change in how the face appears, improper chewing, and the development of a lisp are some of the complications that can occur.

What Is Involved with the Diagnosis Process?

There are several methods that a dentist might use to diagnose overbite. The first part of making a diagnosis will involve a thorough examination of your children's mouths, such as how far the top teeth protrude over the bottom ones. Taking an x-ray of the jawbones might also be necessary, and possibly even the skull. Each of your children will be asked to bite down so the dentist can examine areas of overlapping teeth.

Will Surgery Be Necessary to Treat Overbite?

Surgery is not always necessary when a child has overbite, as it is usually only necessary when the case is severe. The most common method used for treating the condition is via the installation of braces. Sometimes a few teeth must be removed, such is overcrowding is the cause of overbite. Reserve a date with a family dentist to find out if your children are suffering from overbite.

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