Three Reasons To Choose Veneers That Don’t Require Tooth Shaving

The sole purpose of the cosmetic dentistry industry is to make your smile look better. If you are interested in the perfect smile, but your teeth are far from perfect, you may be a good candidate for veneers. Veneers are porcelain covers that fully encase your teeth. Veneers can give you the smile that you are looking for without requiring changes from your existing teeth. Some dentists will ask that you shave down your natural teeth before getting veneers. Others will allow you to get veneers without doing so. Here are three reasons to choose veneers that don't require tooth shaving.

 Non-permanent decision

Though doctors can always remove veneers, if you get your teeth shaved, it will be more difficult to remove the veneers and go back to your original teeth. If you do not shave down your teeth, you will be able to remove the veneers and work on your original smile. If you are not sure about changing your teeth for good or you want the option for easy removal, do not shave down your teeth. If you think that you may want to change veneer size later on, you will not have any issues getting refitted for a new veneer size. 

No tooth weakening

If you are shaving down your teeth, there is always the possibility for damage. Since teeth can already be fragile and prone to cracks, you do not want to cause any permanent damage by shaving the teeth down. If you have experienced tooth issues in the past, such as teeth breaking, a lot of cavities, or any other dental issues, it is best to leave your teeth as strong as possible. Remember to get a full check up and take care of any dental issues prior to getting veneers installed. This will save you from premature removal.

Tooth bonding is an option

If one of your issues is your teeth not being the same size, you may find that your original smile fits you later in life. If you choose to go back to your original smile, you may consider bonding your teeth. Tooth bonding adds a bonding agent to your teeth to create the size and shape that you prefer. If you shave your teeth down, tooth bonding as a cosmetic dentistry option may not be possible. If you want the chance to go back to perfect your tooth shape through tooth bonding, consider no shave veneers.