Dental Implants And Security: What You Need To Know From Most To Least Intense Security Procedures

Dental implants are surgically inserted into the bones of your jaws. Like the titanium screws used to fuse broken bones back together, the screws used in dental implants can and often do set off security systems in certain locations. The processes are similar, but there are differences in each location and with each scenario. Here is some more information you should know about that.

Most Intense: Going Through Security at the Airport

Prior to walking through the security gate at an airport, inform the guard that you have dental implants. The guard may choose to "wand" you instead of having you pass through the gate and set it off. When the detection wand confirms metal in your mouth, the guard may ask you to open your mouth. Using a flashlight, he/she may take a quick peek inside your mouth to make sure you are not "cheeking" anything metal and that it is indeed your implants. They are not so discreet unless they are doing a full body and cavity search, and then they will have you step into an office or behind a curtain, so just be aware of what might happen.

​Second Most Intense: Going Through Security in a Courthouse/Jail

The guards at a security gate in a courthouse or jail will ask you if you have any metal plates, screws, or bolts in your body. Before you quickly answer "no," remember that your implant abutment screws are metal. They want to make sure you are not smuggling anything that could be used as a weapon or parts to a weapon into the courthouse or jail. Answer them and tell them what's in your mouth before you pass through the gate. 

Third Most Intense: Going Through Security at an Entertainment Event or Location

Most security gates at a concert or entertainment event that has famous people involved in the show are a little more lax than airport or jail security. You still have to inform the guards of metal components in your body, but it is done much more informally and more discreetly. You can respond "yes" or "no," and simply point to where they are. Similarly, you may have to do the same thing at iconic/famous amusement parks when you enter at the gates, but it is nothing as intense or potentially as invasive as the security at the above places/events. Most of the time, you just have to pass through a gate; wanding is rarely used.

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