3 Options For Braces When You’re An Adult

Many people have braces in their teens to correct crooked teeth. However, you may be an adult and suffering from misaligned teeth that your parents decided not to fix. Now that you're an adult, you can finally get the orthodontic procedure you need to make your smile look perfect. Here are some options for braces when you're an adult.


You may not want traditional metal braces installed across the front side of the teeth so that the brackets are visible for others. Thankfully, there is an alternative method that involves placing braces on the inside part of the teeth. For the most part, it will hide the metal hardware so that nobody knows you have them installed.

While this may seem like the perfect option for your braces, know that there are some negative aspects to wearing lingual braces. Not only do these braces cost more to have installed, but they will be hard to clean due to where they're placed. It can also take longer to perform adjustment due to the placement of the brackets. In a place that is hard to reach.


If you want braces on the front side of your teeth and are worried about the looks, you can select ceramic braces as a viable alternative material. The goal of using ceramic braces is to have them match the existing color of your teeth, or use brackets that are clear. The metal wire that goes between the brackets will also match your teeth so they blend in seamlessly. While ceramic braces are visible, many people won't notice them at first glance.

The problems you'll run into with ceramic braces is that they can stain while you're wearing them. This is more likely to happen as an adult if you have a morning coffee drinking habit or drink a lot of soda. Much like with lingual braces, the cost of ceramic braces is also more than the traditional style.


When you want to make sure that nobody notices you are correcting your teeth, Invisalign is the option for you. It used plastic trays that cannot be seen while wearing, and can easily be taken out for eating. You'll receive several sets of tray to swap out every two weeks, which mean you don't need to have adjustments made like with other braces. However, Invisalign will not be possible if you have major corrections that need to be made to your teeth.

Visit a local orthodontist's website to read more about braces.