Just Have Teeth Whitening Done? Stay Away From These Foods

Did you recently have a professional teeth whitening procedure performed and are now concerned about keeping your teeth looking their current shade of white? If so, you'll likely want to take steps to avoid any foods that can stain your teeth.Here are four foods you should try to avoid after your whitening procedure.


There is one spice that is known to stain things it comes in contact with, and it's known as Turmeric.It's a spice that is orange-yellow, and commonly used with Indian food recipes.You can tell if it's in the dish because Turmeric is what gives the food its orange-yellow color. It's one food to you definitely want to think about if you just had whitening done.

Tomato Sauce

Have you ever put a pasta dish with tomato sauce inside a Tupperware container? You may have noticed that the sauce ends up staining the plastic container that it was stored in. This is caused by the sauce that is highly concentrated with tomatoes. You may even notice that tomatoes can stain white dishes that the tomatoes are simply resting in. Cut tomato heavy dishes from your diet to help preserve your teeth's new color.


While blueberries can be very nutritious, they can actually cause quite a bit of harm to the color of your teeth. Think about how easily blueberries can stain your skin when you eat them, leaving your lips and tongue an odd color that lasts for quite some time. If that happens to your skin, imagine what the juices are doing to your teeth. In addition, fruit juices can have a similar effect, such as grape juice.

Coffee and Soda

Do you have a morning habit of drinking a cup of coffee to wake up? This may have been why your teeth became stained in the first place. The coffee will wash over your teeth with each sip, and end up causing discoloration that is gradual over time. The same can be said of sodas, which are acidic in nature and harm the enamel of your teeth. Thankfully, you can drink beverages with a straw and prevent them from washing over the front surface of your teeth.

If you need more tips for how to maintain your white teeth, do not hesitate to ask your dentist. They'll be able to give you some helpful tips that will ensure your teeth whitening procedure lasts as long as possible, and help avoid the need for another whitening treatment too soon.