Tips For Caring For Your Temporary Crown

If you are having dental work done that requires a crown be placed on one of your teeth, it is likely that your dentist will give you a crown that is not meant to be permanent. The temporary crown will only be necessary until the final crown has been created, which is when the dentist will swap the temporary crown for the final crown. Until then, you'll need to care for your temporary crown in the following ways.


You will need to slow down and think about how you chew your food when you have your temporary crown. The temporary crown is not going to be able to withstand the pressure that a permanent crown can once it is inserted.

Try to avoid using the part of your mouth with the temporary crown. If the temporary crown becomes damaged, it could end up causing damage to the tooth that it is trying to protect.

Oral Health

You still should be taking your time to practice good oral hygiene every single morning and evening, which means keeping up on regular flossing and brushing. However, that temporary crown may raise some questions as to how to go about doing it.

Try to use a side-to-side flossing motion around the temporary crown rather than an up and down motion. The up and down motion can cause the floss to get caught underneath the temporary crown and dislodge it.

As for brushing, make sure that you are brushing along your gums to get rid of any food particles that could be stuck under the bottom surface of the temporary crown.


It will also help to change up the food that you are eating as part of your diet since some foods are better than others at preventing damage to your temporary crown. Try to eat foods that will be easy for you to chew or not require chewing at all. Smoothies, yogurt, and soups all require minimal or no chewing and are great choices.

Avoid foods that are sticky as well. Taffy may seem soft in appearance but can stick to the temporary crown and dislodge it if you are not careful.

If the dental crown does become dislodged, contact a dental service immediately. They may recommend holding the crown in place with a denture adhesive until you can visit the dentist to have the temporary crown properly reattached to the tooth.