Reasons To Consider Dental Crowns As Part Of Fixing What’s Wrong With Your Teeth

If your teeth have some issues, you might not be looking forward to your next visit to the dentist. But while it's possible that there might be some teeth that are beyond repair or could require a complex surgery like a root canal, there's another option your dentist has at their disposal that might help you. Dental crowns are a popular choice when a dentist is trying to save a tooth that is otherwise on its last legs. Here's why you might want to talk to your dentist about dental crowns today.

Save a Broken or Otherwise Badly Decayed Tooth Instead of Removing It

Sometimes there's just no saving a tooth. But in some cases, a tooth that is badly decayed or broken, or chipped might be able to remain in your mouth with the help of a dental crown. The dentist will start by grinding down whatever part of the tooth is decayed or broken and then put a crown on top of your remaining natural tooth. By doing this, you can keep your natural tooth in your mouth instead of removing it completely.

Keep Your Face's Bone Structure Looking the Same

When you start removing teeth from your mouth, your face can actually slightly change in appearance. This is because your body no longer sees a need to maintain bone density in an area where there are no teeth. If you lose multiple teeth on one side of your mouth, it's possible your face could appear more narrow as you lose the bone density or structure in that location. By keeping your natural tooth in place with the help of a dental crown, you'll be able to maintain not just your smile, but the overall look of your face over time.

Even Out Your Smile

You don't have to have a broken or decayed tooth to benefit from dental crowns. Some dentists will use them to create a more even appearance across a patient's smile. In other words, dental crowns can be used as a mostly cosmetic solution to cap smaller or crooked teeth and provide a more uniform set of pearly whites.

No one likes the idea of dental work, but you probably like the idea of losing your teeth altogether even less. A dental crown can help you save a decayed or broken tooth and improve your smile while also maintaining the overall bone structure of your face. Contact a local dentist today to discuss the next steps.

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