Common Dental Issues Children Struggle With Today

You should know that most parents have learned the importance of helping their children prioritize oral health even when they are still toddlers. As such, you should embrace standard practices like brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings to ensure a strong oral system. Further, learning the common pediatric dental issues your child may face over the years is also essential. With this in mind, below are some dental issues your kids may struggle with and what you should do after noticing them. 

Teeth Sensitivity

Often, kids have tooth sensitivity issues. Moreover, since they don't know how to explain the problem, you may not realize the issue, making it harder to deal with the discomfort. In addition, children will only say they feel some pain, or you may realize they are uncomfortable when taking hot or cold drinks. So, if you notice these signs, consider taking them to a pediatric dentist, as various hidden issues can cause tooth sensitivity. For instance, your child may have chipped or crooked teeth, enamel wear, cavities, and problems with their braces. The good news is a dentist from a trusted pediatric dental office will identify the actual cause and provide the proper treatment to eliminate the pain and underlying problem.


Tooth decay issues are common in young children. This is often caused by poor oral hygiene, as children don't know how to brush their teeth. Due to this, bacteria combine with left offer foods and form plaque. Ultimately, this sticky layer will erode the tooth enamel and cause cavities. Besides, children love candy and other sugary foods that accelerate plaque formation. Hence, once you see signs of tooth decay, bring your child to a dentist for a filling or removal, so the issue doesn't affect other teeth. On the other hand, if your child doesn't have cavities, you will need to prevent the issue by helping them brush their teeth and teaching them proper oral hygiene techniques. You should also regularly schedule dental cleaning appointments to eliminate plaque.

Dental Fear

You may have noticed that your child is restless when they learn they have a dental checkup appointment. Note that this is a common issue with kids, and it could affect their quality of life and how they view oral hygiene even into adulthood. Often, this stems from fear of tools and equipment, dentist room setting, awful experiences, or stories about dental visits that cause dental anxiety. 

Since you don't want your child to have this anxiety their whole life, talk about the significance of dental visits and procedures like dental cleanings and tooth extraction. But, more importantly, allow them to ask questions, and then provide honest answers. Also, bring them to a pediatric dentistry expert as they know how to handle children's dental anxiety. They may even share stories and give toys to eliminate the fear.

Helping your child deal with dental issues is a surefire way to ensure they have healthy teeth. So, share the necessary information and bring them to a pediatric dentist whenever they need treatment.

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