What You Can Expect From The Process Of Sedation Dentistry

If you have never received sedation dental treatment, you probably do not know what to expect. To help ease your fears or calm your nerves, you should learn as much as you can about what you can expect from this part of the dentistry treatment. Here is some information for you to review:

You Will Need A Ride Home

Even if you drive, you need to bring someone with you for the appointment where you will be sedated. This is a general rule for sedation dentistry. This is because although you will be woken up after the dental work is complete, you are still going to be under the influence of the medication used for the sedation. This means that you will be drowsy and unfit to drive yourself home. Make sure that you are bringing a licensed driver with you, or you might be sent home with a rescheduled appointment date and time.

You Will Be Given An IV

Your dentist or their assistant will hook you up to the IV, which is usually placed in the top of your hand or in your arm. This is how the sedation medication will be administered. It will not take long before you start to feel a little drowsy and drift off into a semi-sleep state. You won't be fully awake, but you won't be fully asleep either. You will be conscious enough to respond to some directions, but you will not have any memory of it. And don't worry; your dentist will be able to adjust the sedation medication dosage as required.

Waking Up Can Take A Little Time

When the dental work is complete, the dentist will remove the IV from you and begin to help you wake up. It might take a few minutes for you to gain full consciousness, but it should not take long at all. The staff will help you up out of the chair if you need assistance and will make sure that you are fine to walk before leaving.

Now that you know a little more about sedation dentistry and what you can expect, you will want to go ahead and schedule your dentist appointment if you have not already done so. The sooner you are able to get the dental work done, the better. Always make sure that you are specifically asking if they offer sedation for dental treatment if you are planning on simply going to your regular family dentist. They might have to give you a referral to a local sedation dentistry clinic if they don't offer it.

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