Why Should Your Child’s First Dental Exam Be With A Pediatric Dentist?

Dental care is a critical part of healthcare. Oral healthcare has significant implications for general health well into adulthood, so getting your child started on the right path with dental care is crucial. If you're planning on setting up your child's first visit to a dentist, you're probably deciding between visiting a generalist or a pediatric dentist. While generalists will typically take patients of any age, that doesn't mean they're always the best choice for young children. Read More 

Reasons To Consider Dental Crowns As Part Of Fixing What’s Wrong With Your Teeth

If your teeth have some issues, you might not be looking forward to your next visit to the dentist. But while it's possible that there might be some teeth that are beyond repair or could require a complex surgery like a root canal, there's another option your dentist has at their disposal that might help you. Dental crowns are a popular choice when a dentist is trying to save a tooth that is otherwise on its last legs. Read More 

Partial Braces: A Complete Solution For A Partial Orthodontic Problem

Sometimes it's quite obvious when a person needs dental braces. Their teeth (and bite pattern) will be clearly misaligned, meaning that comprehensive orthodontic treatment is the only way to correct their bite. But what about your own bite? Your specific orthodontic needs might not be quite so significant, but bite misalignment doesn't mean that all teeth must be repositioned. It's actually possible for a row of teeth to be perfectly straight—with a small, but noticeable exception. Read More 

Making The Most Of Your Dental Cleaning Appointment

The regular checkups recommended by your dentist may be more important than you realize. You may already be aware of how nice it feels to have clean teeth but there is a lot more to a dental visit than that. This appointment provides you with the chance for your dental team to catch problems early and take actions that not only preserve your smile but that can help improve your general health as well. Read More 

Emergency Dental Care When A Child’s Tooth Is Knocked Loose

The need for emergency dental service is more common with children than with teenagers or adults. That's mainly because of the type of playground roughhousing they might indulge in, along with their relative lack of coordination compared with older individuals. If a primary tooth is knocked loose or damaged, emergency dental treatment likely will likely involve carefully removing it and making sure the other teeth are OK. More extensive treatment is necessary when a permanent tooth has been affected. Read More