Same-Day Crowns: Debunking the Biggest Misconceptions for the Average Patient

Just making it in to see a dentist for a regular checkup can be a challenge in itself with a busy schedule, but if you have to have work done, this can make it even more trying to fit in the time. This is especially true when it comes to something like a dental crown, which may very well require more than one or two visits, each involving well more than a few minutes. Read More 

4 Things To Know Before Getting Invisalign

If you want to have the best smile possible, you may want to consider getting Invisalign. This is a cosmetic dental process that works to straighten your teeth. Millions of people wish to make some dental changes for an improved smile, and this procedure can provide dramatic results. However, there are certain things you should be aware of before having this process initiated and knowing what these are can be helpful to you. Read More 

Fun Books That May Help Your Child Overcome Dental Phobia

Dental phobia is extremely common among children. In fact, Dentistry Today states that 19.5% of school age children have a phobia of the dentist or the dental practice. It is not something a child has to live with, though. There are fun, educational ways to help them understand more about the work of the dentist and why visits are so important. Reading books is one option, and here are four fun books that could help you and your child. Read More 

Helpful Tips For Flossing With Braces

Flossing is an integral part of a good oral hygiene regimen. The fact that you have braces doesn't change this. However, when flossing with braces, there are certain precautions you want to take in order to protect your teeth and your dental appliance. Make sure you know how to brush correctly for the best results. Choose Floss Wisely The first thing you want to do is choose the correct type of floss. Read More 

4 Tooth-Brushing Tips To Start Taking Seriously

Brushing teeth twice a day is something that everyone should be doing to help prevent tooth decay, cavities, and many other oral health problems. However, just because you are brushing your teeth twice a day doesn't mean that you are doing it correctly enough to truly be taking care of your smile. Here are four brushing tips you should start taking seriously: Brush Softly:  Many people brush their teeth too vigorously. Read More