Oral Care For Seniors: Four Key Issues

If you are a senior citizen, then it's vital that you pay special attention to your dental care. As you get older, oral and dental problems may occur more frequently due to the aging process. This article looks at several key oral health issues that older people need to keep in mind.  Medications Many older people take a wide range of medications to deal with various health difficulties. Unfortunately, a common side effect of hundreds of medications is dry mouth. Read More 

Affordable Ways To Encourage Dental Health In Your Kids

The costs of keeping kids healthy can become overwhelming. However, when it comes to dental care, there are many affordable preventive care measures you can take that will save you money down the road. The following are four simple things you can do that will make it easy to encourage your kids to keep up on dental care and maintain healthy teeth through adulthood: Treat baby teeth as if they're permanent Read More 

How Can Your Dentist Treat A Tooth With A Large Filling That Has Failed?

Dental fillings are an easy-to-administer and generally effective dental tool that can restore a tooth with cavity damage. Large cavities can receive fillings, but further damage to the remaining dentin can cause the filling to become loose or fail. The failed filling can expose your tooth's sensitive root canal, and the filling can end up falling out while chewing. If your filling has failed, call your dentist immediately for a corrective appointment. Read More 

How To Make Your Post-Dentist Visit Way More Comfortable

Going to the dentist is essential for maintain healthy teeth and avoiding problems down the line, but it can be a bit uncomfortable for some people after the visit. Obviously, going I the first place is non-optional, but the pain is more optional than you might think. Here are a few ways to cut down. Take Advil Right When You Finish in the Office If you go in the dentist's office for nearly any procedure including cavities, for example, you'll usually get an anesthetic to help minimize the pain of the procedure. Read More 

Learn About A Tooth Extraction So You Know What You Can Expect

If you have been informed by your dentist that one of your teeth needs to be extracted then you should familiarize yourself with the procedure. You want to know what you are walking into and what you can expect during the recovery. This article will help provide you with information on a tooth extraction so you can feel better as you go in for your appointment. Why would you need a tooth extraction in the first place? Read More