Can’t Taste The Spices In Your Food? Dehydration Could Be The Problem

If you struggle to detect oregano, garlic, and numerous other spices in your food, you probably want to know how to improve your sense of taste. Taste allows you to enjoy the food and beverages you consume in your diet. But dehydration can compromise your ability to taste the spices in your food. Here's how dehydration affects your ability to taste and what you might do about it.  How Does Dehydration Affect Your Sense of Taste? Read More 

Dentist Visits Are About More Than Just Pretty Teeth

The image of the dentist as a tooth doctor is one that people pick up from the moment as a child they see the first cartoon picture of a molar with a toothbrush in its hand. This simplified view of the jobs of dentists, though, can lead people to not always get the most out of their visits. Your dentist can also provide you a lot of information about these 5 other important health issues. Read More 

Four Alternative Methods To Traditional Dental Floss

Have you been avoiding flossing because it is something that you don't like doing? Wrapping dental floss around your finger may just be an annoyance that causes you to skip this important part of your oral health. Here are some alternative methods you can use instead of traditional dental floss. Interdental Brushes An interdental brush is often used when wearing braces, but it can be used for regular flossing as well. Read More 

Using An Inhaler? Here’s Why You Might Be Hurting Your Oral Health

Using an inhaler is a must for some people, especially those with conditions that make it hard to breathe, like asthma or severe allergies. Using an inhaler can quickly open up your throat or lungs, but at the same time, it may be causing unwanted damage. If you use an inhaler, keep reading to find out what the problem is and how you can protect yourself. What Inhalers Contain Inhalers contain many different medications depending on what they're used for. Read More 

Is It Time To Start Talking About Dentures With Your Dentist? Here Are Some Clues

Whether it has never crossed your mind before or you have been anxious to get rid of your bad teeth and go for dentures, you will want to know if it is indeed time to start discussing this with your dentist. To help you make that decision, you will want to review the following information. You Have More Bad Or Missing Teeth Than Good Teeth This can be a tricky thing to determine on your own because what may look like a good tooth to you could actually have some decay or root problems that only your dentist would be able to see. Read More