Using Preventative Dental Care To Help Young Children Improve Their Oral Health

Children and oral health are often not on friendly terms; as a result, they may develop poor dental health practices that affect them for the rest of their lives. Thankfully, it is possible to avoid this issue by going through preventative dental procedures. Many Children Suffer From Oral Health Problems Oral health is a serious concern that many children don't want to deal with when they are very young. There are many reasons that children struggle with dental health. Read More 

2 Common Questions For People Considering A Dental Implant

Do you have a missing tooth that you are looking to fix permanently? If so, you'll be looking at several options available to you. While you may be considering a partial denture or a dental bridge, know that a dental implant can be the ideal way to fix any missing tooth once and for all. Here are some common questions you may have about getting the procedure done. 1. Why Is A Dental Implant Better Than The Alternative Options? Read More 

4 Reasons To Consider A Porcelain Crown

If you are looking for a good type of crown to have your dentist put over your tooth, you should consider porcelain. Here are four reasons why a porcelain crown is an excellent option for you to look into.  They Are Color Matched  One awesome reason to get porcelain crowns is the fact that they are color matched to your teeth. Your dentist will look at the teeth that are surrounding them and they will find a color sample that matches perfectly. Read More 

Limiting The Damage Of Sugar On Your Teeth: A Two-Pronged Approach

There is a general agreement among dental experts that eating a diet rich in sugar is not bad for the teeth. This is mainly because oral bacteria feed on sugar, which means the more sugar you eat the more you will be feeding the bacteria on your teeth. The bacteria may attack your gums (think gum disease) or produce acids that erode your teeth (think dental carriers). The best way to avoid dental damage related to sugar intake is to approach it in two ways, namely: Read More 

Dealing With Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration

Most teeth whitening products or methods work best on external stains (extrinsic discoloration) that only affect the external surfaces of teeth. Intrinsic dental discoloration, which affects the internal tissues and structures of the teeth, is much harder to deal with. Still, there are effective methods of dealing with intrinsic teeth discoloration; here are some of those methods. Prolonged Dental Bleaching Prolonged bleaching, which may take the form of extended and repeated bleaching, may sometimes help with intrinsic staining. Read More