Reasons For Permanantly Discolored Teeth

For most people teeth that end up looking a bit yellow or otherwise discolored isn't really that big of a deal. They can simply go down to the local drug store or to their dentist and pay for teeth whitening sessions that will give them back their nice white smile. However, there are some who can't get their teeth looking whiter with the use of these teeth whitening systems. Their teeth are the color they are permanently. Read More 

4 Simple Ways Dentures Can Empower You To Live A Better Life

Dentures used to have negative associations, but society is waking up to their many benefits. Although stars like Clark Gable, Ed McMahon, and Florence Henderson wore dentures at the height of their illustrious careers, not many people are open about the fact that they rely on dentures to keep their pearly white smiles. Times are changing, and dentures are now becoming an embraced part of dental care. Here are four of the many ways dentures can improve your life. Read More 

The Truth About Tooth Extractions

If you have been told that you have to have a tooth pulled, then you may be nervous, and you'll of course want to know just what to expect. This article will give you an idea of what you can expect during and after you have the tooth pulled. Of course, you want to keep in mind that there are many things that can occur that would make your experience different than the experiences of someone else. Read More 

Benefits Of Clear Aligners

If you have crooked teeth and you wish that you had a straighter smile, then you have probably been thinking about the different things you can do to achieve that smile. Getting traditional wire and bracket braces is one of the most common things to do for anyone who wants straighter teeth. These traditional braces aren't for everyone though. They have an obvious look to them, and they can be irritating, even causing pain at times. Read More 

2 Everyday Products That Interfere With Your Baby Or Child’s Healthy Tooth Development

Whether you are an expectant mother and your child's baby teeth are already forming before your baby has even been born or your child's body is working hard to produce those adult teeth that will soon emerge (or have already begun emerging!) in your child's mouth, you likely do what you can to make sure your child's develop as healthy as can be. You will, of course, have your child brush and floss every day when they are older, limit their sugar intake, and take your child to the dentist twice a year for routine cleanings and check-ups. Read More