How To Overcome Your Fear Of Going To The Dentist

Your dentist is on your side. In fact, dentists are on the front lines of ensuring that their patients enjoy good oral health, and they are eager to offer advice and self-care tips to keep your pearly whites shining. If you have been avoiding the dentist like the plague because of your fears or a sad experience at another dentist's office, there is hope. A positive dental office can help set your fears at ease and so can the following tips. Read More 

An Overview Of The Lingual Arch Space Maintainer For Children

The loss of a baby tooth before the permanent one is ready to grow in could cause future dental problems for your child. A baby tooth not only helps your children chew food while they are young, but the teeth also preserve the pathway the permanent teeth follow through the gums as they grow in. The pathway can be interrupted by surrounding teeth moving into the space vacated by the missing tooth or teeth. Read More 

3 Reasons To Get Dental Implants Instead Of Dentures

If your teeth are in especially bad shape, your dentist might recommend a dramatic fix to the problem. You may be given the option to have dental implants or dentures installed. If you find yourself in this situation, you will have a lot to think about. Dentures are generally the cheaper option but if you go that route, you will be giving up the benefits dental implants can provide. Here are three reasons why it might be worth spending the extra cash to get dental implants instead of dentures. Read More 

Don’t Sacrifice Tasty Foods For Your Mouth’s Sake: The Three Best And Most Delicious Foods To Promote Dental Health

Eating healthy for the health of your teeth and mouth doesn't have to be disgusting and unappetizing. In fact, there are several tasty foods out there that make your teeth and gums stronger and healthier. When finding great foods for your teeth, you don't have to settle for the bland and tasteless. Below is a list of the delicious treats that you can eat to help your teeth without sacrificing taste. Read More 

Answering Common Invisalign Questions

The quality of your smile is a key factor in determining your overall appearance, but there can be a great variety of developmental issues that can have a serious impact the quality of your smile. For those that have found themselves facing misaligned or crowding teeth, it is important to consider all treatment options before making a final choice. Sadly, there are some patients that are not aware of the details of all of their options, which can cause them to overlook the advantages of using Invisalign. Read More