Just Have Teeth Whitening Done? Stay Away From These Foods

Did you recently have a professional teeth whitening procedure performed and are now concerned about keeping your teeth looking their current shade of white? If so, you'll likely want to take steps to avoid any foods that can stain your teeth.Here are four foods you should try to avoid after your whitening procedure. Turmeric There is one spice that is known to stain things it comes in contact with, and it's known as Turmeric. Read More 

3 Options For Braces When You’re An Adult

Many people have braces in their teens to correct crooked teeth. However, you may be an adult and suffering from misaligned teeth that your parents decided not to fix. Now that you're an adult, you can finally get the orthodontic procedure you need to make your smile look perfect. Here are some options for braces when you're an adult. Lingual You may not want traditional metal braces installed across the front side of the teeth so that the brackets are visible for others. Read More 

Dental Implants And Security: What You Need To Know From Most To Least Intense Security Procedures

Dental implants are surgically inserted into the bones of your jaws. Like the titanium screws used to fuse broken bones back together, the screws used in dental implants can and often do set off security systems in certain locations. The processes are similar, but there are differences in each location and with each scenario. Here is some more information you should know about that. Most Intense: Going Through Security at the Airport Read More 

Can’t Taste The Spices In Your Food? Dehydration Could Be The Problem

If you struggle to detect oregano, garlic, and numerous other spices in your food, you probably want to know how to improve your sense of taste. Taste allows you to enjoy the food and beverages you consume in your diet. But dehydration can compromise your ability to taste the spices in your food. Here's how dehydration affects your ability to taste and what you might do about it.  How Does Dehydration Affect Your Sense of Taste? Read More 

Dentist Visits Are About More Than Just Pretty Teeth

The image of the dentist as a tooth doctor is one that people pick up from the moment as a child they see the first cartoon picture of a molar with a toothbrush in its hand. This simplified view of the jobs of dentists, though, can lead people to not always get the most out of their visits. Your dentist can also provide you a lot of information about these 5 other important health issues. Read More